Squid Gamer City Destroyer

08.02.2022 1.535 15 votes

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What is Squid Gamer City Destroyer?

Squid Gamer City Destroyer

Squid Gamer City Destroyer is a unique game to have been added into our Squid Game category, where the red guard becomes really huge, as he can tower a whole city, and starts wrecking things up, with your help, just like in other destroying games you know, where you usually become gorillas, dinosaurs, or kaiju.

Destroy the city with the squid gamer!

The guardian character moves around and rotates a lot, and you direct it with the A and D keys, or the left and right arrow keys. Move him so that he moves through the city and destroys buildings, stomps on cars, benches, parks, and anything else, because the more destruction you cause, the bigger your score becomes.

Good luck we wish you in that, and we hope to see you make the gamer as big as possible, and don't hesitate to compare your high score with other players in the comments!

How to play?

Use the A, D keys.

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