Mad Burger 3

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What is Mad Burger 3?

Mad Burger 3

Mad Burger 3 is one of the best new cooking games online to have just been added for free on our website, not only because it is the third edition in a popular series, and it is also mobile-friendly, but it gives you the chance to cook burgers in the Wild West, feeding hungry sheriffs and bandits.

Play Mad Burger 3 and become the favorite cook of the Wild West!

To cook your burger you will use the mouse to swipe the ingredients (eg. : mayo, salt, meat, buns, ketchup, salad, others..) over the line, and make it so that they drop on the bun as accurately as possible.

To make things more interesting, when it is done, you will shoot it into the air and make it fly, clicking when you think the meter is in the correct power range.

Through the flight of the burger, try collecting as many slices of lime as possible for extra points, because they and the distance you traveled with the food represents your final score.

Of course, you can also grab piles of coins, and you can click on the sauce button to make it into fuel that will make you fly a distance much further. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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