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What is Bug-Off?


Bug-Off is our brand new addition to the Elliott from Earth Games category, where we hope to keep bringing you amazing new Cartoon Network Games as often as possible, knowing full well that not many other websites have content for this fresh show that has started airing not too long ago, actually!

Let's win the Bug-Off on the Centrium!

The game is sort of like a tower defense game where you drag with the mouse from one tower of robots to another in order to move the nano-bots and increase the number of your troops. Upon doing so, you have to attack the towers of the bugs, and if you have a bigger number of soldiers than those on their towers, you win.

They will generate bugs to attack you as well, so move faster and increase your army like that in order to win. You can also upgrade your various turrets and make them more powerful after gaining enough resources to do so.

Now you know how to play this game, so trying it out right now should be a must, with our team inviting you to not stop here, especially if you are brand new to the category!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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