Hopscotch Survival

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What is Hopscotch Survival?

Hopscotch Survival

Hopscotch Survival is a brand new remake of the Glass Bridge challenge in Squid Game, a high-quality 3D game that we highly recommend to all the fans of this Netflix series, but we also recommend it even if you've never seen any episodes since we've got no doubt at all that you will be impressed and enjoy yourself a lot!

Can you survive the Hopscotch Squid Game challenge?

You only have to step on the tempered glass, because stepping on the other kind will make you fall and die because it will break immediately. So, after you are shown which is the good glass, in yellow, use the mouse to go from one tile to another until you fully cross the bridge. Do it before the timer runs out, or else all the glass tiles break and you die.

Good luck, since it's always important, and we hope that you don't stop there either because this is a category that has some of our best content across the whole website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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