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What is Confront?


Confront is here to bring something really new and fresh into our beloved category of shooting games online, where we know that boys flock to day after day in search of new content to enjoy, and we hope to think we never disappoint, and surely we won't be doing it with this one, whose gameplay we will explain right now!

Confront enemies with your gun!

At each level you will stand in the middle of other stickmen, some of them having guns, as they represent your targets, but some of them are civilians because they carry no weapons on them. The goal you have is to use the limited number of bullets you have to shoot down the enemies while being careful not to shoot civilians.

Not only do you waste bullets if you do that, but doing it too many times results in losing. Your character rotates around in the middle, and when you click or tap on the screen you will shoot your weapons, so time the shots well and make sure you take down all your targets to advance to the next level, which, of course, gets more complicated.

Good luck, enjoy and don't stop here, more fun is always on the way on our website, and it never misses, just like you should also!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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