Witch Killer

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What is Witch Killer?

Witch Killer

You can now become the Witch Killer (The Witcher), in one of the best new action-adventure games with fighting, jumping, sliding, collecting, and much more, since there is absolutely no way that you are not going to love this incredible new world filled with demons, witches, and monsters for you to slay!

Become the Witch Killer that rids the world of evil!

Your character runs forward through the courses automatically, and you have to press the up arrow to jump, press it twice to double jump and press the spacebar to attack. What you have to do is get past the obstacles, pits, and traps along the way, so as not to die, but make sure to defeat enemies to get more points in return.

You can also collect coins along the way, which is great, since they can be used to buy armor, weapons, and the like, and you can also find various upgrades on the courses, so grab them whenever you see them.

The monsters and enemies you face get stronger as you advance, but you will become better as well, so always improve, since the fate and safety of the world are in your hands!

How to play?

Use arrows, the spacebar.

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