Screw the Nut 3

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What is Screw the Nut 3?

Screw the Nut 3

Screw the Nut 3 is yet another fascinating and fun new interactive puzzle game online with logic that we are delighted to share with you all for free on our website, where you can always find and play some of the best new games on the internet, and today will not be an exception!

How well can you screw the nut?

To complete each puzzle for each level you need to make sure that the nut falls on the screw, and to achieve that you will have to click on items to disappear, such as the ice cubes, or move items, boxes, platforms, and other things around, and when the screw falls correctly, you advance further.

It goes without saying, but each new level gets more difficult than the one before it, so focus harder one stage after another until you have fully completed the level. What are you waiting for? Start now, and maybe share the game with friends, they won't regret it!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.