Squid Craft Online

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What is Squid Craft Online?

Squid Craft Online

Squid Craft Online is the perfect combo between Squid Game and Minecraft Games online that we now bring forward for you all here free of charge, where we know without a doubt you would want more games like this to be added for you, and this one won't be an exception!

Squid Craft is now Online for free, play it!

You can play through the Red Light, Green Light race of Squid Game in five worlds of your choosing, all available from the beginning of the game, with some new mechanics involving traps and obstacles being added into each of them, so be careful no matter what the game throws at you.

At the same time, the main rules are the same: move with your character to reach the finish line and cross it before the time goes out on you, but only move when the green light is on. If you are still moving on the red light, you get shot and lose.

To move your blocky Squid Game character you use the mouse, holding to move, releasing to stop. Good luck we wish all of you, fun as only here is possible to have it, and we hope to see you around some more, we always bring you the best content on the internet!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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