Floating Sandbox

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What is Floating Sandbox?

Floating Sandbox

Strategy fans are invited to try out Floating Sandbox, otherwise known as Battleships Armada, which is a strategy, war, and board game inspired by the classic Battleship board game we know is beloved all over the world, and we are positive that this browser-ready recreation won't disappoint the fans, and will bring along tons of new ones too!

Floating Sandbox: a high-stakes battleship war on the virtual seas!

The game is playable in the Easy, Normal, and Hard levels of difficulty, and that is what you pick first. On the ocean grid you will place your ships afterward, with them having various sizes and shapes, so try placing them in tricky spots to find. Tap to shift their position, double-tap to rotate them. You've only got one minute, after that they get placed randomly.

Players (you and the computer), then take turns to send bombs in spots on the other one's side, without seeing, having to figure out, radar-style, where the ships are and destroy them all. If you destroy the five ships of your opponent first, you become the winner, otherwise, you lose, if they do that instead.

Good luck, we wish you all the best and hope that you come around for more games, you can never go wrong with what we've got to offer, bet!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.