Labo 3D Maze

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What is Labo 3D Maze?

Labo 3D Maze

Labo 3D Maze is a brand new puzzle-adventure game unlike you would get the chance of trying out on our website just every day, because we are talking about a game where you have to escape out of mazes, but you do it in a 3d-rendered environment, which does not happen often in the genre, and you will immediately see why it's one of our top picks of the day!

Try to escape all the 3d labo mazes!

Your avatar is your choice, having multiple boys and girls to pick from, with which you attempt to complete all the levels this game offers, all with their own maze. To exit the maze, before reaching its door, it needs to be opened, so make sure to grab the keys from it before reaching that point.

You will also have lasers, spikes, pits, and various other traps standing in the way of your freedom. Make sure to avoid the traps, sometimes using the E key to interact with levers, buttons, and the like to get past them. With the mouse, you can look around the 3d maze and world and find the best vantage point for yourself.

Good luck, we wish you only the best and invite you to stick around for more amazing content, there's always more of it coming here!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, E key.

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