Mouth Shift 3D

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What is Mouth Shift 3D?

Mouth Shift 3D

Mouth Shift 3D is a brand new racing/running game in 3d with interesting and funny mechanics all in one, which we would hope you don't miss out on for anything in the world, since you would only be missing out on tons of fun to be had, as this kind of format has been trending a lot lately, and this version is even more interesting than you would usually find!

Shift the 3d mouth to eat and run!

You drag the mouse up and down to increase or decrease the size of the character's mouth, which can be a woman or a man, depending on the level, with the goal being to eat up the cookies, sweets, and other delicious food along the course, getting points whenever you do so.

Make sure to have the mouth of enough size in order to eat each food, as they come in various sizes, but, most importantly, don't be too high when you reach a gate, because if you bump into it, you stop and lose then and there, having to start all the way over again from the start point.

Each new course will be more difficult than the one before, but surely tons of fun as well, so playing the game right now is what we hope to see you do, as you now have nothing holding you back from doing so!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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