Woodturning Studio

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What is Woodturning Studio?

Woodturning Studio

Step into a virtual Woodturning Studio with one of the best new DIY, decoration, and creativity games online to have been added on our website, where you learn how to create various items, statues, and decorations with the process of turning wood, an ancient method that will hopefully stay the test of time even further, and games like this one help towards that!

Be creative at your own personal Woodturning Studio online!

With the mouse, you choose a tool/knife from the right side of the screen, with their various shapes being the ones that will determine how the wood ends up looking. You then drag them over the machine that turns the wood, and the more you drag, the more you cut through them, something we invite you to do until you've shaped the wood, however, your imagination tells you.

Of course, it sounds complicated at first, which is why we encourage you to experiment with the machine and the tools first, however much you want to do it, and then try making something after you've got the basics down. There's nothing else for you to know, so let the fun begin right now, and make sure not to stop here, more new awesome games are always down the pipe on our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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