Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale

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What is Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale?

Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale

Welcome to Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale, certainly one of the most interesting and unique games in the genre, a genre that is known for soldiers, wacky characters from various media, and human-made guns, but now we offer you the chance to take the familiar concept and make it funnier and more wholesome by having zoo animals battling each other!

Can you win the Zoo Battle Royale in Zooba online?

There are three starter characters you can pick from to begin, each with their own characteristics:

  • Nick (fox) - Balanced
  • Buck (bison) - Aggressive
  • Bruce (gorilla) - Tough

Use the mouse to handle the on-screen controls if playing on PC, use your finger and the tilting of the phone/tablet if you are playing on a mobile device.

Collect weapons from the zoo, and use them to defeat guards, which are usually NPCs, but when you are online and with other real players, defeat them to stay alive longer and rank better.

Bow and arrows, guns, and grenades are just a few of the weapons you will find and use along the way. Also, grab health kits and extra stuff left behind by the enemies you defeat.

Always strive to last longer in the match, with the arena of the zoo constantly shrinking down round after round, just like in other battle royale games 3d you might be used to already.

Good luck, all the best we wish you all, and we invite you to stick around for more fun, it would be a shame to miss the amazing content we will offer today!

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How to play?

Use the touch controls/mouse.