Roller Ski Queen

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What is Roller Ski Queen?

Roller Ski Queen

Roller Ski Queen is a game that continues our fan-favorite series of arcade running games in 3D with high concepts and a hypercasual setting, this time bringing us back into the Winter Olympics, because what you aim to do is roller skiing, which is something new in the series, for sure, so trying it out is a must!

Do you have what it takes to become the Roller Ski Queen?

Slide left and right with the mouse as your girl moves and skis forward on the icy tracks, where you should firstly avoid bumping into the obstacles set on it, or falling into the pits because if that happens you die and you have to start the race again from scratch.

Instead, not only should you pursue to finish each stage in a good time, but also collect as many coins along the way, increasing your score, so you can use them to buy new skins in the shop.

You could also find and grab power-ups along the way, some of which make you faster, others invulnerable, others help you collect more coins.

It's time to do some virtual roller skiing as you've never done before, and take this game on the go with you by playing it on your phone if you want, as on our website you can take the fun with you anywhere!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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