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Bloon Pop

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Bloon Pop
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Bloon Pop Overview


Bloon Pop is a game heavily inspired by the Bloon Tower Games series, but instead of tower defense, we invite you to play one that is more about shooting, skill, and precision, with you having to pop all these balloons, as the title suggests!

Let's pop one bloon after another to win a big score!

Drag the mouse backward while moving it up and down in order to aim the angle and power you want for your arrow, and when you think it is in the right position to make a hit, release the mouse button and make the shot. Pop all the balloons in each level to clear it, but know that you have a limited number of shots to make, and remaining without projectiles causes you to lose.

Instead, if you aim very well and have leftover arrows, you get more extra points. Each new level makes the position of the balloons more difficult for you to get to, but if you focus and give your best, we're sure you will achieve victory. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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