Falling Lovers

22.03.2022 899 5 votes

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What is Falling Lovers?

Falling Lovers

Falling Lovers is yet another excellent arcade-puzzle game online that none of our visitors should miss out on for anything in the world, since they would only be missing out on having fun, helping two squares stay in love, and challenge their own brains in the process.

Unite the two falling lovers!

Drag the mouse left and right to rotate the movable platforms where one of the lovers will always sit on so that you use the platforms to make the square fall, and if they touch the other one, the couple is reunited, and the level is cleared.

Of course, each new level adds more obstacles and traps for you to challenge, so find the right way to rotate the platforms to avoid them all, since hitting them or falling into the abyss means losing the game.

We wish you all the best towards solving all the puzzles, and we invite you to stick around for more fun to come, you won't regret having any of it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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