Minecraft Box Tower

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What is Minecraft Box Tower?

Minecraft Box Tower

Minecraft Box Tower is one of the best 3d tower-building games online on our website, mainly because it has cool graphics, better than most of the games in the genre, and while normal blocks are cool and all, blocks from Minecraft are and always will be better and more fun to interact with.

Build the biggest Minecraft Box Tower!

Blocks will move left and right, and when you tap on the screen, you make them stop and drop. Try to stack them as close to one another as possible, because if they don't, they decrease in size, and when you completely miss a block, you lose. Try to stack them for as many floors as possible for a great score, always aiming to get higher.

We wish you all the best, and we invite you to stick around for more of our games to come, you can bet they are always simply the best!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.