Cute Elements

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What is Cute Elements?

Cute Elements

Come have tons of fun with the Cute Elements, as right now we are delighted to share with you all one of the most interesting combos between logic, puzzle, and arcade games we've had here in quite a while, which has problems for you to solve, but also rewards, and a ton of fun for you to have, something we've already experienced ourselves!

Mix, solve, match, customize, and have fun with the cutest elements of the internet!

Use the mouse, usually, to solve various puzzles involving the cubes, squares, and other elements, and know that depending on their colors they have different proprieties. Some represent water, some are fire, some are wind, and more.

You will be able to open up gifts with daily rewards, so we recommend coming back here to play the game as often as you can. Drag the square characters so that they fall on the three stars, collect them for points, and to grab the key that opens the doors for the following levels.

Using this method to complete levels will free your caged friends, something you have to do until all have been rescued and you will have had plenty of fun. Good luck we wish you all, the best time possible, and we definitely hope to see you around even more!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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