Hero Wars

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What is Hero Wars?

Hero Wars

Welcome to Hero Wars online for free and unblocked, one of the years' biggest hits when it comes to online gaming on PCs or mobile devices, a game that we could not have missed sharing with you for anything in the world, as it masterfully combines action, math, strategy, fighting, and other elements into an adventure you won't forget any day soon!

Let's win the Hero Wars!

In the very first thing you do in this game you have a tower of goblins that you need to defeat and tear down, so move your hero on the floor you think is the best one to start fighting with, being able to move only up and down. Attack a goblin with a smaller number and collect theirs, doing so to increase your powers until you defeat all the goblins.

This mechanic of points and numbers is important to know because only if your heroes have more power than the demons you are trying to get rid of to save the world will you be able to defeat them. After defeating an enemy in a level, first his minions, then the boss, you add that hero to your team, so that together you can defeat even more powerful enemies down the road.

Use the rewards you get to improve your hero's statistics, their weapons, gear, and the like, so that no matter how difficult the war for freedom becomes, you win all your battles and save the world from the demons. To make decisions, attack, and interact with your world, you only need the mouse.

Start your newest incredible adventure right now, and don't hesitate to invite your friends to play this game here as well, where else would they?

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How to play?

Use the mouse.