Farm Island

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What is Farm Island?

Farm Island

In Minecraft you can create anything and everything, even an island with a farm on it, which is what we invite you to discover, explore, and work on right now with this latest addition to our website where we mix up genres and end up with tons of fun you could be having with it!

Visit Minecraft Farm Island and start working!

You have a total of 25 puzzle levels where you have to plant crops on the island's soil, using the mouse to drag blocks with numbers on them until the number turns to zero, which means you have planted all the crops. Find out the best way to drag the blocks around so that you cover all the soil, because if you don't, but get stuck instead, you lose the level and have to start it again.

It's that simple and interesting, so let the fun begin right now, in a fresh way unlike you've ever experienced in this category!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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