KillMaster Secret Agent

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What is KillMaster Secret Agent?

KillMaster Secret Agent

Welcome to KillMaster Secret Agent no doubt in the world one of the best new shooting games online for boys has been added to our website recently, where your timing and mouse skills are going to be put to the test, and you're going to have an incredibly fun time challenging yourself level after level!

Become not just a secret agent, but a kill master as well!

Use the mouse to shoot your enemies when in the air, as your secret agent will jump, roll, and do all sorts of secret techniques, so when the gun's pointer is hitting the targets, click to shoot. If all enemies on your course have been shot, the level is cleared, and each level brings more enemies for you.

If you miss even one, they shoot back and kill you instead, causing you to lose the level, which also happens in case you run out of bullets before shooting all your targets. Of course, with the coins, you earn you can buy new weapons and skins to make playing the game more fun and always fresh. Let's begin right now, shall we?

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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