Metal Army War

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Metal Army War
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What is Metal Army War?

Metal Army War

Play Metal Army War right now and here on our website free of charge if you love playing 2 player action games online with robots, wars, fighting, and shooting, and help the human soldiers defeat the robots that invaded the Earth and are trying to turn all of it into metal. Fight metal with metal!

Join the army and win the metal war for the protection of the Earth!

Of course, you control two players, one a girl, one a boy, and you use the following keys to do it:

  • Player 1: WASD to move and jump, C to hit/shoot, V for the grenade, Q-E to switch weapons.
  • Player 2: ARROWS to move and jump, L to hit/shoot, K for the grenade, O-P to switch weapons.

The levels are structured like platform-adventure games, where the world is metal, and there are robots at multiple spots, which you have to defeat or carefully avoid. Pick up weapons and use them against your enemies, while being careful not to let them defeat you, or fall into their traps and other dangers.

There will also be levers, buttons, stairs, and other things you need to use by cooperating in order to use them and advance forward through the levels, finishing them all to reach the end of the war and be victorious!

How to play?

P1: WASD, C, V, Q-E.

P2: ARROWS, L, K, O-P.

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