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What is HaachamaWare?


HaachamaWare is one of the newest HoloLive Games online from the VTuber Games category of our website, as it is only here that you can find such games featuring the virtual streamers that are also anime girls at the same time, and they have truly swept over this world, with the most popular streamer on Twitch being one of these girls. Let's see what you do in this one, shall we?

Join your favorite HoloLive girls in HaachamaWare!

Firstly, know that the game has been made to be played with a joystick, so that it fits better with the retro 8bit look for it, but here are the keys you use in case you're playing with your computer's keyboard:

  • A Button is X
  • B Button is Z
  • Start Button is Enter
  • ARROW keys for movement

The game works sort of like an endless friv game where you have to tap things, drink things, smash them, hit them, and the like, doing it one straight after the other, only losing in case you get tired and stop, and don't do anything else. Of course, when you level up, your speed also needs to rise and you need to step your game up.

We now want to wish you all good luck, the best time possible, and really hope that we see more of you here, we are always adding new and brilliant content for you!

How to play?

Use the ARROWS, enter key, Z, X keys.

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