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What is PK XD?


Welcome to PK XD, yet another metaverse game online 3D, meaning that we're yet again offering you the chance of entering a new world, create your own character, and have fun by interacting with other players from all over the world in countless ways, as this virtual life simulator is one of the best we've recently had here!

PK XD - Play with your Friends!

You can create your own avatar, meaning that you can become anything you imagine yourself as, even things out of this world, you can participate in events, many of them having themes such as the holidays you know and love, you can adopt pets and take care of them, create your own house, and make friends, never enemies!

The world is vast, and the community in it is what makes it grow and be more fun, and together you will be able to play mini-games, take part in unique events, and have countless fun as only here is possible, where you can be anyone you've ever dreamt about becoming! Let's start!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.