Emoji Glass for Kids 7 Years Old

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What is Emoji Glass for Kids 7 Years Old?

Emoji Glass for Kids 7 Years Old

Emoji Glass for Kids 7 Years Old is a really nice and fun puzzle game for children which we invite even adults to play because everyone can have a good time solving logical problems, especially when your goal is to fill up glasses with emojis, like in this game!

Fill the Emoji Glass in this new puzzle game for 7 years old kids!

For the emoji to properly fall into the glasses and fill them up, you have to complete the road towards that, so use the mouse to draw lines where there is no road, making it complete, and if the emoji fall into the glass and fill it up enough, the stage will have been cleared.

Each new level has a more difficult puzzle for you to solve, meaning that the drawing gets more complicated, but something tells us you will still do great and have fun. Let's start now, and maybe you will check out more of our new games when you're done with this one!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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