Kingdom Attack

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Kingdom Attack
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What is Kingdom Attack?

Kingdom Attack

Kingdom Attack is yet another masterful combo between strategy games and tower defense, where you have knights, dragons, monsters, and all sorts of other mythical and real-life elements that when they come together result in a really fun adventure to have, where your strategic skills are what will win each war, through each of the 120 levels!

Can you attack the kingdom and win?

In each level, you need to protect your own kingdom from attacks of enemies, with each new location and wave you protect and deal with being more difficult and powerful than the one before it, of course.

You will use the mouse to click on the heroes in the list down below and deploy them in battle, but you need to wait sometime for them to recharge to send in another troop.

Of course, if you win battles you can upgrade your heroes, make the recharge time smaller, and equip your kingdom with all sorts of amazing tools and devices, just go to the shop and check it out.

Complete all sorts of missions, and never give up, no matter how tough an enemy army is. All this fun awaits you just one click away, so hit the play button and let's start the fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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