Bad Piggies Air Strike

29.04.2022 1492 17 votes

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What is Bad Piggies Air Strike?

Bad Piggies Air Strike

The Bad Piggies are having their revenge against the Angry Birds with this new Air Strike game, which is one of the best airplane shooting games online we've had on our website across any and all categories, so because we loved it so much, why not start playing it yourself right now?

Help the Bad Piggies with their Air Strike!

Use the arrow keys to fly, space to shoot your cannons, and give your best to defeat all the Angry Birds you meet on the courses, having to shoot them down while not getting defeated yourself by their counter-attacks because your health bar getting completely depleted means losing.

Be on the lookout for any new weapons or power-ups that you might find and use to your advantage, and see how big of a score you can get by flying as far as possible while storming through the enemy birds.

This category has few action-heavy games as rocking as this one, so make sure you start all the fun right now, and share it with as many of your friends as well, fans or not!

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How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.