Evony: The King's Return

03.05.2022 365 1 votes

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What is Evony: The King's Return?

Evony: The King's Return

Evony: The King's Return is yet another masterful strategy, war, expansion, and military game set in medieval times that our administrative team is delighted to share with you all, knowing that these games are always going to be well received here, and played by countless visitors, children and adults alike, as we only offer you the best of them!

Play Evony and bring forth The King's Return!

There are seven civilizations you can take part in and lead in this game:

  1. American
  2. Chinese
  3. European
  4. Russian
  5. Korean
  6. Arabic
  7. Japanese

If you choose to be a DIPLOMAT, you need to have masterful communication skills to strike the best deals, as a WARLORD you have to take over territory and expand yours, through battle, of course, as the GOVERNOR you try your best to manage the entire kingdom, and as the MONARCH you can get the help of famous generals through history in your conquest.

Whatever role you choose to apply to yourself, try playing it to your best, making the best decisions in order to be a true king, returning to the seat of Evony, and having your dynasty rule for generations to come! Solve puzzles, win battles, find the best strategy, and you will SUCCEED!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.