GTA: Big City 3D Cars

GTA: Big City 3D Cars

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GTA: Big City 3D Cars
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GTA: Big City 3D Cars Overview


GTA: Big City 3D Cars is yet another amazing recreation of classic GTA Games for the online world, with a few fresh twists, of course, as right now we are sure that you will love to once again get the chance of becoming a gangster and having the whole world at your feet!

Step into the GTA Big City and drive the 3D cars!

Move using the WASD keys, use E to get into cars, F to save the game, the mouse to attack, aim and shoot, space to jump, and R to reload. Those are the controls with which you control your avatar.

The game is an open world, but when you find glowing lights, those are your main mission, so follow them to advance through the story and do what your character is supposed to.

This can mean anything from driving at the docks to meet with Frankie, stealing cars, robbing banks, being chased by the cops, beating people up, or surviving a shootout.

As a gangster in the world of Grand Theft Auto Games online, the danger is always right around the corner, so survive, keep going, and be the most fly of them all!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, E key, R, spacebar.

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