Alien World

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What is Alien World?

Alien World

Let's travel to an Alien World online and have fun like never before with one of the best new spaceship shooting games online on our website, a game we added here with a lot of care and with interest, knowing that many boys here love this format to bits, and this great new addition will be very much to their liking!

Shoot your way through the Alien World!

You hold the mouse on your spaceship to control it, and when alien spaceships appear, you shoot automatically at them as long as you point in their direction. Some ships expand, some separate into two bits, some zig-zag, some move sideways, others front to back.

The kinds of enemies will be harder to beat as you advance, and their numbers will also increase, so you always need to up your game, and you should also use the coins you earn to buy new guns, boosters, new types of guns, skins, and if you have the guts for it, try the survival mode and see how much you can hang on in an endless avalanche of enemies!

All this fun awaits you here right now, one click away, so begin it right away, and enjoy your time as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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