Angry Birds Halloween 2

05.05.2022 3116 38 votes

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What is Angry Birds Halloween 2?

Angry Birds Halloween 2

A second Angry Birds game for Halloween is now available for you to play on our website free of charge, something we are sure you wanted to do after enjoying the first one so much, something obvious from the number of hits it has had!

Play Angry Birds for Halloween!

On each level, you have to knock down all the platforms that hold the bad piggies on them, something you do by shooting Angry Birds using a slingshot. Hold the mouse on the sling, aim the trajectory, and release the mouse when you want to send the birds flying.

Don't run out of birds without destroying all of the pigs, because you then lose, so make sure to aim carefully and try to knock down multiple of them in one go for better results. Now you've understood the gameplay, so you should be ready to start having fun right away, are you ready?

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How to play?

Use the mouse.