Best Viral Makeup Trends

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What is Best Viral Makeup Trends?

Best Viral Makeup Trends

Are you up to date with the Best Viral Makeup Trends of the moment? Maybe you are, maybe you aren't, but you get to try them on right now on a model's face, as you are here to play this game and become a virtual make-up artist that will apply a new look to this woman, and it will surely be an immense transformation!

Try on the best and most viral makeup trends!

You are going to have a total of six units to apply, and this means that you will have a total of six levels/stages through which you apply makeup, doing things such as cleaning up, applying a base, various layers, applying eye-shadow, lipstick, blush, decorations, jewels, and more.

Don't worry, because for each level you have the cosmetics and tools in front of you, and hands showing you where to click on them and how, so just follow those visual cues to apply the products carefully and professionally, and in no time at all the makeup will be done, and the model will look brand new and amazing, on top of the latest trends!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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