King of Avalon: Dominion

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What is King of Avalon: Dominion?

King of Avalon: Dominion

Get ready for King of Avalon: Dominion, one of the best new strategy, war, action, and multiplayer games to have been added on our website, where we know that this genre is as timeless as the legend inspiring this game, that of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, as in this game you attempt to get Excalibur out of stone and become king, the successor of the legend who was taken down by his nephew, Mordred.

King of Avalon: Dominion - an Arthurian strategy & war game online!

The game mashes up elements of medieval England with some fantasy ones too, as you get the chance to raise your own dragon in this game, for example. Build your city, and an army to protect it, but also send it out in the battle to neighbor territories and take them over, expanding your dominion and influence.

Building, strategizing, spying, and trading are all tools you need to master in order to lead your own troops and people towards victory, and this is true for the multiplayer and PVP modes as well, where you can sometimes be on your own, sometimes allied with other real players against your common foes.

We're sure the gist of the game has been noted, and now you will be ready to give it your best, have tons of fun as only here is possible, where we invite you to try even more strategy games if you wish, we've got the best of them!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.