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11x11 BLOXX

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11x11 BLOXX
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11x11 BLOXX Overview


Welcome to 11x11 BLOXX, without a doubt one of the best new puzzle games with blocks to have been added on our website, a game heavily inspired by classic games such as TETRIS, but with a modern twist, and the game is also playable on mobile devices, so everyone has reasons to give it a try right now!

Place all the 11x11 Bloxx and get a big score!

You will use the mouse to pick up the blocks in various shapes and colors from the bottom of the screen, with your goal being to place them in such a way that you form complete rows of blocks from the left to the right, and when such a row is completed, they get removed, and you get points in return.

Keep placing blocks and eliminating them to make a big score, but be careful not to get stuck by not being able to make any more moves, because you then lose the game. You start off with a basic board to play on, but more complicated ones can be unlocked down the road if you want to challenge yourself further.

Try to see how many coins you can get, and know that you can change them for power-ups and special abilities that might help you get out of a pickle. It's all that simple, so we wish you good luck and all the best, inviting you to try out more of our content when done with this game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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