Pixel Starships

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What is Pixel Starships?

Pixel Starships

Get behind the helm of the Pixel Starships in one of the best new strategy, war, and management games with characters in Anime style, but that is not all, as the environment is an 8bit one too, with all of the elements being really immersive, so after taking control of your first starship, you will only want to expand and keep having fun!

Become the greatest general of the Pixel Starships!

You build the kind of starships you want, and you can interact and control various kinds of alien races, as the universe is a big one in this game. With the ships, you control you can explore planets, find resources to improve your stats, and you can even negotiate with other people in order to get ahead and build alliances.

Of course, not everyone is friends, as you will find plenty of enemies as well, enemies you have to defeat in battles with your own starships, taking over theirs and their territories, maybe even whole planets. If you use the better strategy, you will win each fight, guaranteed!

The battle aspect of this game is not only true for the campaign mode, because the game has a beloved massive-multiplayer mode, where you get to interact and compete with other real players from all over the world, which only makes the experience more exciting and challenging, thus more fun! Begin right now, and conquer the pixel world!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.