Monster Kart

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Monster Kart
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What is Monster Kart?

Monster Kart

Monster Kart is here to make the fan-favorite genre of karting games online 3D even better, as we know how much love these games get here by boys and girls alike, from all across the globe, and if you get to race and drive with monsters through some really fantastical tracks, even better, right?

Be the fastest Monster Kart racer!

Each monster character you can become here have their own cars, and you start off with Pompom, but as you advance and keep winning, you get to unlock new characters with even better cars, such as:

  • Torto
  • Dizzyp
  • Hellhorn
  • Fishamp
  • Toucool
  • Eggwatch
  • Magicat
  • Kingbi
  • Koalek
  • Goldenpow
  • Ninja
  • Stretch
  • Pandy
  • Tankola
  • Chris
  • Shino
  • Pelico

The first track/level you need to complete is called Speed Road, after which you have more of them:

  • Countryside
  • Wood Race
  • Tunnel
  • Dangerous Slope
  • Snow Path
  • Rock Road
  • Great Fall
  • The Rift
  • Road to the Top
  • Stadium
  • City Wheel
  • Bat Cave
  • Volcano Desert
  • Red Cliff
  • Fun Race

Use the arrow keys to drive, and the V and B keys to activate the special powers of each car, as they are different from one to another, depending on what they are equipped with. Also, use speed boosts and ramps on the road to get a better time, but be careful not to crash and burn.

We hope that you get all the prizes, all the cars, win all the races, and have the most fun possible in the entire world, as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the arrows, V, B keys.

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