Disney Word Hunt

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What is Disney Word Hunt?

Disney Word Hunt

Get ready for a Disney Word Hunt, a word-searching game where you could be doing that with a new set of characters from a different show on their network every new week or month, such as you are going to do now with Big City Greens, but come back to find new entries and levels to enjoy!

Complete the Disney Word Hunt!

You will have in each level a bracket of seemingly-random letters, but they are not all random, as beneath it you can see the list of words you need to find in it. When you spot one, drag the mouse across the letters that form it to highlight it, and complete the levels by finding all the words in the list.

It's really that simple and fun, so nothing should be holding you back from starting the game right now, which gives you the chance to have fun but also learn more about letters and words!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.