Pet Jong

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What is Pet Jong?

Pet Jong

What is Pet Jong? Well, as you could imagine from the title, it is a mahjong game with pets, a really amazing combination we believe, because both genres of games are really well received on their own, so together they can only be even better, and why would they not be, since pets can elevate a puzzle game to mahjong and make it cute!

Play MahJong with Pets!

Find two tiles with identical pets on them, such as cats, dogs, birds, and others, and click on them to eliminate them from the board, which happens as long as there is nothing blocking a path between the two. Otherwise, figure out other pet tiles to clear to make a path.

You get points in return for all the matches you make, and you need to complete the levels before the time granted for it runs out. When you see shining tiles, they give you some extra points or some surprise bonuses, so make sure to focus on them when they appear.

You don't have a limited number of moves, but the number you take to finish a stage is counted, so the smaller it is, the better. You can also use the shuffle button when in trouble, and know that some tiles can be matched based on their color, not on the animal featured on them.

We hope you finish all the levels, no matter how difficult the puzzles get, and we hope to see you play more games from both categories to keep having fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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