Combat Reloaded 2

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What is Combat Reloaded 2?

Combat Reloaded 2

Welcome to Combat Reloaded 2, yet another amazing multiplayer shooting game online in 3D we are very excited to share with you here as a team, as we know full well that this format is always one very well received by our visitors, who would always want more fresh new experiences like this, and since the first game had been a hit, this one will be too!

Combat Reloaded 2 - a multiplayer shootout experience!

Join a room or create one yourself, and then pick a side between the Red Team and the Blue Team, with the goal being the same in either case, shooting down the members of the other team without getting shot and killed yourself first.

Move with the WASD keys, use space to jump, shift to run, the mouse to aim and shoot, number keys to change weapons, and F to pick them up when you find them on the ground.

That's basically the premise and format, so you should now be ready to give this game your best, enjoy it to the fullest, and maybe then check out even more of our daily content!

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How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, shift key, number keys, mouse.