Blumgi Ball

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What is Blumgi Ball?

Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball is going to be far from the usual basketball games online that you play on our website free of charge and unblocked, and not just because it is one you can also play on your mobile devices, but it also flips things around by adding platform-adventure elements to the sport, and you also get to perform it with some of the cutest basketballers in the world, cute animals like a crow or a frog.

Blumgi Ball: the evolution of online basketball games!

Your main goal remains the same as in the sport you are accustomed to, which is to get the ball into the hoop. But, you are not on a regular pitch, but on a platformed map where you can even have water, birds flying around, obstacles, traps, and the like, all meant to make it difficult for you to score.

Use the mouse to aim and shoot your balls, dragging the cursor where you want to shoot, and the more you drag the line, the more power you will have behind your throw. If you have the ball in the air and click again, your player teleports there, or you can do it by pressing the spacebar.

Keep bouncing and throwing the ball into the air or through the platforms in order to finally reach the hoop and make a dunk on it, which is when you clear the level. Each new level will bring about a map that is more difficult, but that makes it more exciting to clear it. Good luck and all the best we wish you all!

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How to play?

Use the mouse, spacebar.