Car Smasher

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What is Car Smasher?

Car Smasher

Car Smasher is one of the most exciting car racing games 3d on our website since it features a vibrant world, stickmen drivers that you will play the role of, and you also get behind the wheels of some really cool karts, this game has a lot of action elements, as the race is also going to be a fight at the same time!

Be the ultimate Car Smasher!

Use the coins you are given at the start of the game to acquire a car, and then, as it drives forward automatically, drag it left and right using the mouse on a PC, and the finger on a mobile device. Make sure to drive over speed boosts or ramps, since you will be able to accelerate.

If you get close to a car and swipe towards them, you can attack them with your ax, and each kart that you acquire has various other weapons. Do it for extra coins and to slow down the competition. You start off from the last place, but you should focus to get ahead and try winning the races, or at least rank as high as possible.

You can also use the earned coins to gain more health and speed for your vehicles. We wish you good luck and all the best, and we also invite you to try more of our games, you are not going to regret it, today or any other day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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