Red Ball 8

Red Ball 8

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Red Ball 8
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Red Ball 8 Overview


Welcome to Red Ball 8, yet another chapter in the amazing and always fun adventures you can have in our category of Red Ball Games online, which only gets better day after day, entry after entry, and the awesome thing about this new edition is that you can be other kinds of balls, not just the red one, as you can pick from four designs before you start playing.

Red Ball 8: more balls, more fun!

If you're playing in a browser from the PC, use the right and left arrows to move, and space to jump, and if you're on a mobile device you have touch controls on the screen to use. Give your best to reach the end of each level by going from one checkpoint to another, which are marked by flags.

Along the way you have to avoid the square monsters if you can because touching them means losing lives, but if you jump on top of them you can knock them out and gain extra points. To gain a big score you should try collecting as many coins from the courses as possible.

You can also push the boxes and use them to jump higher up by going on them. Each new course is more difficult than the last, but with focus and dedication, we are sure that you will finish all the stages with the ball you've chosen, and get back to your friends!

How to play?

Use the arrows, and spacebar.

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