Red Ball 9

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What is Red Ball 9?

Red Ball 9

Red Ball 9 is the latest chapter in the countless adventures you can have here in our Red Ball Games category, which we know for a fact is a fan favorite and will remain this way for a while, with our team being delighted that we could have brought you so many amazing games in ti so far!

Red Ball 9: defeat the enemy creatures!

Use the right and left arrow keys to move, space to jump, or use A, or D if that is more comfortable for you. To attack, press the Z key to shoot projectiles at your enemies, but you should know that for each kind of enemy you need a different weapon, so switch between them with the mouse, clicking on the desired ability.

Use the various moving or static platforms to advance, avoid falling into pits, and if you find new weapons or upgrades through the levels, grab and use them. Finish each stage before the time granted for it runs out on you, but know that if you touch the enemies too many times, your health depletes and you lose. Good luck, enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, Z key.