All Sorts of Fun

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All Sorts of Fun
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What is All Sorts of Fun?

All Sorts of Fun

You'll have All Sorts of Fun with Mickey Mouse and friends in one of the newest Ready for Preschool Games from the Disney Junior series that has enchanted young fans all over the world many times so far, and this sorting game where you help the characters clean up the Funhouse is a guaranteed amazing time and a game that also helps kids become better sorters.

Have All Sorts of Fun with Mickey Mouse and get Ready for Preschool!

This game is made up of five mini-games, and in each one, you sort items into two categories, following these guidelines:

  • sort by pattern
  • sort by size
  • sort in the correct order
  • sort by shape
  • sort by color

Simply drag the items in their correct place, and keep doing so until the whole mini-game is done, with each new stage of them being more complicated than the one before, since having a challenge is what helps us evolve. Let's begin all the fun right now, all the learning, and have all the sorting fun possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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