Supersonic Sprint

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What is Supersonic Sprint?

Supersonic Sprint

Supersonic Sprint is the first of many Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion Games online that we bring you here free of charge, as this is a brand new Disney Channel show that has just made its premiere on the network, and we have just made the inauguration of this category, as we have feeling kids and teens will love this character from the get-go, and having superhero fun with her will always be a blast!

Go on a Supersonic Sprint with Ultra Violet from Disney Channel!

For each training session that you undergo, where you will do a lot of running, as the title suggests, you have to accomplish goals, like taking a number of steps, getting a certain amount of coins, and hearts as well, all found on the courses.

If on PC, press space to jump, press it twice to double jump, Z to slide, and if you're in the air and press Z you can make a dive. Avoid obstacles, both by jumping and sliding, and jump on top of enemies to knock them out.

Don't bump into the enemies or you lose a life, and losing three lives means losing the game and being forced to start your sprint from scratch. Use the mouse to draw the shape that appears in front of you to activate a superpower.

Of course, if you're playing on a phone or tablet, you use the touch controls. Good luck in your new superhero adventure from Disney, the best there are, and we hope to see you around playing even more of our great games of the day!

How to play?

Use the spacebar, Z key, mouse.

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