Airport Security

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What is Airport Security?

Airport Security

Get a job as Airport Security with one of the best new simulation games online in 3D on our website, where, as you can tell from the title, you are in charge of making sure everyone boarding the planes at the airport does not have anything illegal with them, everyone has their tickets, and everything else that is in your duty to ensure a safe flight for all passengers!

Ensure Airport Security with this simulation game online!

People will come to the front desk and show you their ID, and if it matches their own description of themselves, then you can allow them to pass, otherwise, you have to mark them as suspicious, and if they don't further pass your tests, arrest them, and the authorities will deal with them.

We hope that you have a keen eye, and can think on your feet, and if that is the case, there will be no problems at all in classifying all of the visas. Let's begin right now, and have tons of fun as only here is possible!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.