Ugi Bugi & Kisiy Misiy Summer

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What is Ugi Bugi & Kisiy Misiy Summer?

Ugi Bugi & Kisiy Misiy Summer

Ugi Bugi & Kisiy Misiy Summer is one of the newest Poppy Playtime Games in 2 Players from our website, where you get to control both of these beloved scary children's toys, who have come to the center of attention worldwide, as there are no games more popular than those featuring these characters at the moment.

Have a Summer adventure with Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy!

Use WASD to move and jump with Huggy, use the ARROW keys to move and jump with Kissy, and give your best to make sure that both characters reach the end of each course, which are all set at the beach.

Avoid falling into pits and water, all sorts of other obstacles, traps, or enemies that might appear before of you to try and stop you in your tracks, such as the spikes, for example.

Before reaching the end of each level, try collecting all of the ice creams along the way to increase your score. It's all that simple and fun, so work together well to achieve victory, and help the toys have an amazing summer, just like you are having!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.

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