Dibbles 3. Desert Despair

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What is Dibbles 3. Desert Despair?

Dibbles 3. Desert Despair

We hope you're ready to play Dibbles 3. Desert Despair is online right now and here, since this is an arcade puzzle game with adventure elements where you play the role of Dibbles, whose latest mission is to safely guide the King from one pyramid to another, in a desert environment that is harsh and dangerous, but fun at the same time!

Play Dibbles 3 and survive the Desert Despair!

With the mouse, you click on icons down below to lay stones in the play area, and the Dibbles that arrive first in that area will start doing that activity and accomplish your command, so you have to figure out the best strategy of placing stones and rocks to create the path for your king. The commands are:

  • Bungee: creates a safe way to fall from heights.
  • Climb: you can climb vertical walls.
  • Block: forces the Dibbles to turn around.
  • Bounce: you can bounce over long distances.
  • Dig: digs a simple block down below.
  • Extend: you can make the ledge bigger.
  • Clear: destroys rocks that are blocking your way.
  • Step: you can put forth a single-block step to get higher.
  • Cover: use it to cover cacti.
  • Boom: you will explode the blocks to the left and right of it.
  • Melt: safely creates a pathway through the Quick Sand.
  • Float: creates a stepping stone over the water.

Get ready for doing construction in the world of ancient Pyramids and Pharaoh, having online fun unlike ever before here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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