Shakes & Fidget

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What is Shakes & Fidget?

Shakes & Fidget

Welcome to the world of Shakes & Fidget, a game that is meant as a satire of many fantasy tropes you see in RPG Games, but the funny element of it gives it a really awesome charm that makes the game one of the best in its genre, made even better by the fact that you'll be challenging players from all over the world, which is always a blast, right?

Enter the world of Shakes & Fidget, an endless funny adventure!

You will create your own comic hero, with which you compete against other real players in PVP battles that take place on the internet, and if you can, make sure to join guilds, since that is where you make friends, and together you can complete various missions and challenges that earn you resources and money.

Quests happen all the time, so come back to the game often to always catch the, especially the live events, and using the gold you earn as well as experience points, try making your hero one of the most overpowered ones, so that you can take on any other real opponent you meet in the game.

All this fun awaits you just one click away, so start your new adventure now, and make sure to invite your friends to play it too, the more here, the merrier!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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