Chrono Crux

20.06.2022 528 12 votes

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What is Chrono Crux?

Chrono Crux

Chrono Crux is one of the best new fan-made Hololive Games online with Vtubers from that platform to have been added to our website, and our protagonists are none other than beloved Amelia Watson and Ouro Kronii, with Kronii chasing Ame through various dimensions, and you need to escape her at every step!

Chrono Crux: an online chase of Vtubers!

Use the arrow keys to aim to the right and left, press space to shoot, Esc to pause. Kronii will attack you with Kroniicopters, so shoot them down and gain points in return, avoiding their attacks at the same time, and if you can send the attackers through a portal, know you earn four points instead.

Defend against the Clock Hand to gain 15 points. There have not been any games like this one before, so you NEED to try this unique experience, even more as a fan of these girls!

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How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.